Vilhon Wilds

The Vilhon Wilds is a frontier unclaimed by any state, containing the wreckage of cities devastated by the Spellplague, separated by rough open country and plaguelands. It includes the partially drained estuary of Vilhon Reach and the strip of land formerly called Chondath on the edge of the Chondalwood. The notorious Plaguewrought Land lies close by, which means the entire region is unsafe at best.

Settlements and Features

The most noteworthy feature of the region is the Plaguewrought Land.

Plaguewrought Land

Permanent Plagueland

The Spellplague is still active in this territory, contorting terrain, natural law, and the flesh of any creature that dares enter. The surreal landscape is breathtaking in its beauty, grandeur, and changeability. Earthmotes aplenty break up the sky in a strange parity with the fractured terrain below. Swaths of moving earth change with mercurial speed, and great ravines empty directly into the Underdark.

Spellscarred individuals and scar pilgrims sometimes journey here because it’s the most prominent plagueland in Faerûn, as well as a great hold of the Order of Blue Fire. The stability of the plagueland’s border provides an environment where the clever, ambitious, or insane can experiment with the Spell-plague and its effects.


City of the Scar; Population 4,000

This is a city of merchants and road agents who prey on, or, as they prefer to say, cater to pilgrims, mages, alchemists, mystics, and adventurers seeking to explore nearby ruins. No other state or authority claims Ormpetarr. The Order of Blue Fire maintains its most prominent edifice, the Changing House, in the town. Its agents, important to local governance, help maintain order where the only other law is a rough brand of frontier justice.

A popular place in Ormpetarr among would-be scar pilgrims is an inn called Finara’s. The inn offers reasonable rates for clean rooms above a large tavern to anyone on a scar pilgrimage. The elderly owner Finara) was also a pilgrim, but the one time she approached the Plaguewrought Land, the horror of it forced her to f lee. With her advanced age, it seems unlikely she will return. She does point people to the services offered by the Order of Blue Fire, of which she is a fringe member.

Vilhon Wilds

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