A young nation that coalesced from a handful of independent city-states, Vesperin is a nexus for trade, rumormongering, and skulduggery. Commerce and corruption rule this land more surely than its government. It is an exciting, dynamic place where something’s always going on.

Settlements and Features

Vesperin consists of three major cities: Tantras, Calaunt, and Ravens Bluff.


Capital City; Population 23,000

As capital, Tantras hosts the Golden Lords, a council of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential merchants who rule as an oligarchy. As fortunes rise and fall, people gain or lose their status as Golden Lords (a term applied to both male and female council members). Despite these changes in personnel, the council has acted in a remarkably consistent manner, providing a reliable and stable government that ensures the basic necessities of life for its people while maintaining the status quo. The business and residential districts display a clear hierarchy, in the cost of items sold in shops and in the price of homes. Ornamentation and embellishment is the norm, with thin layers of gold commonly coating carriages, furniture, and even architectural features. Of course, such ostentatious displays of wealth attract the attention of unscrupulous individuals. Hence, the well-to-do hire personal guards, household militias, and even small, private armies for protection.


Large City; Population 32,000

Important because of its ability to regulate trade on the River Vesper, Calaunt has become vigilant recently about pirates and raiders. A legal Writ of Trade issued from the Merchant Dukes of Calaunt or the Golden Lords of Tantras is required for travelers to pass unmolested. Nonetheless gold, connections, or blackmail can make even the questionable legal.

Ravens Bluff

Large City; Population 40,000

Over the last hundred years, Ravens Bluff has eclipsed Calaunt as the largest city in the region. Danger, intrigue, action, and rumors abound in this adventurer’s paradise. Ravens Bluff is sweetersmelling than the tannery-scented Calaunt and less structured than Tantras, with its rigid economic social and political class arrangements. As a result, most immigrants choose to settle here. The city provides an ideal place for all manner of urban and dungeon adventures. Its cellars, sewers, natural caverns, and multiple entry points to the Underdark offer much in the way of belowground exploration.


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