This small duchy takes a great deal of pride in its freedom. Politically, it has a reputation for conducting itself with honor, and it insists on the same high standards from its citizens and visitors to the realm. Some say the standards might be too high. With enemies on all sides, Velen conducts most of its trade by sea in spite of constant threats by the pirates of the Nelanther Isles.

Settlements and Features

The independent duchy of Velen claims all the land comprising the Velen Peninsula.


Capital City; Population 16,000

The forested realm’s only major city is that from which the region takes its name. Great walls of burnished, copper-colored stone fortify Velen, protecting it from pirates and monsters alike. The wharf contains several hidden defenses against privateers, including great submerged chains that can be raised to hem in and limit the mobility of attacking ships.

Ghosts are somewhat common in the city, sighted about as often as shooting stars in the sky, and for as long. Sometimes seen stalking the high walls after dark, peering from dark windows, or moaning with the wind in the eaves, they are something citizens have learned to ignore, despite the fact that no one really knows their origin or true nature.

Duke Calchais rules from a small, tidy castle that has been in his family since the days when the dukes and duchesses of Velen answered to the Queen of Tethyr.


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