Var the Drowned

Once called Var the Golden for its glorious wheat fields, this land now exists as a drowned, silt-covered field of ruins.

Settlements and Features

These doomed cities sank beneath the waves in the turmoil of the Spellplague.


Ruined Small City

Set amid rolling hills before the cataclysm, some of the buildings of this city survived without breaking up. Air pockets and cave systems that honeycomb the nearby hills allowed a remnant population to survive, though as food grew scarce, that population turned to cannibalism. Rumors indicate that the drowned ruin now shelters a colony of voracious ghouls that continue to thrive by hunting sea life above their homes and in the extended tunnels of the Underdark that the old cave systems ultimately connect to.


Ruined Large City

The old capital of Var the Golden, Pyratar ranked as one of the wealthiest cities of its day, so it is a site potentially rich in salvage. Its promise of wealth and magic lured many adventurers to the sunken city, but few survived the rampages of a berserk blue dragon that guards the drowned capital.

Once the Sublime Potentate Anwir Dupretiskava (an elder blue dragon), Pyratar’s ruler went insane when his realm sank beneath the waves. One of his many treasures (a golden circlet) enables him to breathe water, and he spends his time patrolling the drowned ruins of his beloved city, eating anyone foolish enough to venture into his demesne. Though he reserves his ire for those venturing beneath the waves, he occasionally attacks and sinks ships that unknowingly sail too close.


Ruined Large City

The nearby sahuagin quickly annexed the ruins of this sunken coastal city, calling it Feast from Above. This name commemorates the best day of feeding the nearby sahuagin tribe ever experienced when the entire population of the large city plunged, screaming, into the cold salt sea.

Var the Drowned

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