Vaasa is a desolate realm of bogs, tundra, and windswept mountains in the northwest corner of the Bloodstone Lands. The dreaded Warlock Knights of Vaasa gather an army of monsters of all descriptions, preparing for the day when their terrible hordes will sweep away neighboring kingdoms, spreading their alien evil.

Settlements and Features

Vaasa lies to the far north, between Damara, the Ride, and the Tortured Land. Few settlements provide safe haven in this harsh country.


Town; Population 5,000

Warlock Knights conquered this town, once ruled by successful adventurers, quickly and brutally. It supports a large number of free humans and fewer nonhumans than other Vaasan communities. The city’s fields and ranches support the Iron Divide, a fortification that guards the Vaasan end of Bloodstone Pass.

Great Glacier

Slowly Melting Ice Mass

Though considerably diminished in size from the time when cartographers dubbed it the Great Glacier, the enormous ice flow remains impressive. Slowly, the glacier gives up its secrets as the Novularond Mountains surface from their icy prison. Ruins from some lost civilization stand on those peaks. White dragons and other creatures of cold roam the glacial waste. Frighteningly organized and intelligent chillborn zombies emerge from the lost city of Vaalathrim. Hungry and savage, the undead kill warm-blooded creatures by sapping their heat.

The long-dead Ice Queen Iyraclea once lived in a castle of sculpted ice somewhere in the northern reaches of the Great Glacier. Previously known for kidnapping spellcasters from southern lands to prolong her life by stealing their life and magic energy, Iyraclea died during the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR). In her absence, her castle was colonized by an outcast angel of vengeance named Zaol. The Great Glacier slowly melts without Iyraclea’s attention and ministration.


City; Population 10,000

East of Castle Perilous, Palischuk was once a ruined city, but it was rebuilt after the war with Damara. Palischuk was peaceful until the coming of the Warlock Knights. It is now the fortress city of Knight Vindicator Mansard Kanaoth, an influential member of the Ironfell Council who wishes to be Vaasa’s king.

Claiming to be a direct descendant of the Red Wizard Zhengyi, Mansard has secretly broken ranks with the council and assumed the old title of Witch-King. This Witch-King has secretly gathered forces near Castle Perilous, but he has had no better luck in gaining entry to the fortress than other Warlock Knights. Mansard vociferously speaks out against the Voice of Telos within the confines of his secret camp. Telos, according to Mansard, is a tool to be used, not a being whose unconscious dreams and whims should be followed. He is more circumspect when he ventures abroad, seeking other Warlock Knights to defect to the side of his “rightful” rule.


Fortress City; Population 15,000

The Ironfell Council meets in a large central castle in this city. Each councilor has a suite of rooms in the castle but is only rarely in residence, because every Warlock Knight serves as lord over a portion of land in Vaasa. Some Warlock Knights claim only a small keep and patch of surrounding land, but some have true fortresses and miles of surrounding region to rule. Every Warlock Knight maintains a private army, which the council can summon at need.

Much of Telos’s population is composed of refugees from other Vaasan settlements that the Warlock Knights destroyed when taking the land for themselves. In addition to humans and dwarves, the fortress contains orcs, giants, goblins, and kobolds. Many are slaves, some are slave-soldiers, and an elite few are true Warlock Knights.


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