Tymanther is the realm of the dragonborn, a fragment of an old nation in a new place. Though draconic humanoids are not novel to Faerûn, the dragonborn are a distinct race with thousands of years of history, culture, and myths all their own. More than anything else, Tymanther dragonborn are a martial folk, toughened by generations of fighting dragons.

The bulk of the dragonborn population in Tymanther resides in the mighty citadel city of Djerad Thymar. Built to hold off a flight of attacking dragons, Djerad Thymar has become a sight renowned throughout Faerûn for its incredible size, unique shape, and impenetrable architecture.

Despite their gruff exterior, dragonborn are an outgoing and energetic race, eager to make allies wherever they can, willing to learn the ways of others, and keen to show all the grandeur of their capital city.

Settlements and Features

A great citadel-city dominates Tymanther. The land is littered with the ruins of the old kingdom that was swept away in the Spellplague.

Djerad Thymar

Capital City; Population 30,000

The citadel-city of Djerad Thymar is visible for miles. Indeed, the cyclopean structure’s vast, pyramidal silhouette looms like a mansion of the gods on earth.

The city’s lowest foundation is a massive block of granite that rises at least 200 feet above the surrounding land, the surface of which serves as Djerad Thymar’s lowest street level. The citizens refer to this district as the Catacombs for the tunnels that wind through the foundation block.

Resting on this foundation are hundreds of massive stone pillars, each 50 feet in diameter, that support an enclosed, four-sided structure vaguely resembling a pyramid. However, the four walls do not rise to a point, but rather to a flat, upper level exposed to the elements. This is the City-Bastion, where the bulk of the city’s dragonborn live. The open spaces between the pillars form the Market Floor.

The combined height of the foundation, the pillars, and the enclosed City-Bastion contribute to a structure that towers more than 1,500 feet into the sky.

Catacombs: This area houses the crypts of the dead, as well as copious siege supplies, foundries, and various machines of war such as ballistas, catapults, and other equipment designed more for piercing dragon scales than castle walls. Grand funeral rites sometimes wend through these tunnels for days, when heroes or other beloved individuals perish. The dragonborn adorn themselves in white ash and sing deep songs commemorating the fallen.

Market Floor: This level is a wide-open bazaar of both permanent and temporary structures for trade, commerce, and entertainment. Farmers haul their produce up the Great Ramp to the Market Floor daily. The Market Floor also serves as the festival hall, site of monthly Grand Balls. Visitors are always welcome to attend these joyous occasions in which the dragonborn relax, dance their strange dances, and eat their exotic delicacies.

City-Bastion: This upper level is the protected, elevated home for thousands of dragonborn. A central open gallery rises the height of the structure’s interior, ringed by tier on tier of balconies that mark dragonborn apartments. Magical light copiously illuminates the enclosed City-Bastion, waxing and fading to distinguish day from night. Each morning, residents gather at their balconies to sing the Dawn Greeting. The gallery floor is thick with plants that thrive in the artificial light. The ceiling is the Lance Roost, home to a colony of bats large enough to carry armored dragonborn.

Above the City-Bastion is the open-air platform called the Lance Barracks, where Tymanther’s army trains under the sky, ever watchful for approaching wings on the horizon.

Tymanther (and Djerad Thymar) is ruled by Vanquisher Tarhun. A vanquisher (a cross between monarch and general) shows fitness to rule by rising through the military ranks over a period of at least twenty years, and is finally promoted by general acclaim of military peers. A new vanquisher, always a dragonborn, is chosen every ten years. A vanquisher usually has at least one dragon head in the Hall of Trophies to his or her credit.


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