A once pastoral land nestled between two mountain ranges, Turmish was forever changed by the Spellplague, which redrew its coastline and put long-standing traditions to the test.

Settlements and Features

Turmish is a land of wild coasts and social and political extremes.


Capital City; Population 75,000

By far the largest city in Turmish, Alaghôn was founded in –37 DR by Chondathan settlers as a mercantile trading post on the Sea of Fallen Stars. It became one of the Inner Sea’s busiest ports, but all that ended when the sea withdrew. The Turmian merchant fleet never completely recovered.

Though Alaghôn still enjoys a reasonable standard of living, it’s not nearly the boomtown it was a century past. Boarded-up buildings and shabby storefronts mar the streets.

Alaghôn’s curious architecture is the result of the Chondathan humans building over existing structures left by a previous dwarven civilization. The dwarves also left an abandoned mine beneath the city streets. This maze of subterranean tunnels has never been fully explored.


Large City; Population 14,000

Nonthal is the most peaceful and stable city in Turmish, and the citizens are set on keeping it that way. Though not entirely unwelcoming to visitors, it tends to give adventurers a chilly reception, even though there’s no shortage of them passing through.

The city has long been said to hold a hidden cache of magic items, secreted by a long-dead mage in Nonthal’s Hold. The hold can be found at the end of Nonthal’s Path, which winds from the city center and eventually into the Feywild. Few who dare walk it ever come back, and no one has returned with the fabled magic items.


Small City; Population 8,500

Sapra is Turmish’s only active port. Though nowhere near as busy as Alaghôn once was, goods from all over the Inner Sea pass through it.

The citizens of Sapra tend to be fearful of those who flamboyantly wield extraordinary power, and the public display of such activity, though no longer illegal, is strongly discouraged.


Small City; Population 8,000

Not too much more than a caravan stop along the Halondar (the trade road connecting to Hlondath), Xorhun is most notable for its strange mix of citizens. Many eladrin who once dwelled in Xorhun have migrated to Myth Drannor. The remaining population is split evenly between elves, half-elves, and gnomes. A small community of kobolds, once bitter rivals from the Orsraun Mountains, have settled peacefully in Xorhun in a ghetto neighborhood known as Koboldtown.


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