Role Play

Role play in and out of combat is an important part of D&D as you are all aware. This means that you can’t just be like “Well, we haven’t had a trap in a while so I will roll for perception to look for traps.” This is an example of “meta-game” thinking and is discourage. You need to get into the mind set of your character.

Starting December, role playing is a must, and failure to do so will result in loss of XP. That’s right folks, instead of being rewarded for roleplaying, you will be punished for a lack of it. Exceptional roleplaying will still be rewarded with a 50-200 XP bonus per event that is exceptionally done well. Until that point, I will be telling you when you lose XP so that you can be prepared for this change.

This will be done on a comparison basis, where the best roleplayer of the night will get a bonus, so every night you have a chance to win this bonus.

Loss of XP will be done on a per event basis, and will be accounted for when XP is distributed with penalties starting at 2 XP and doubling everytime from there. So, if you aren’t roleplaying 8 times you would lose 256 XP. 8 times is very easy to reach.

The game will run much more smoothly if we work on this together


Role Play

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