Protected by high magic, a powerful mythal, and thousand-foot cliffs, Evereska is a mist-shrouded city of secretive eladrin. Its inhabitants spurned the Retreat to Evermeet, keeping their city hidden from the rest of Faerûn, only to end up at the center of a war between the Shadovar and the phaerimms.

Settlements and Features

Since the Spellplague, the walls between the world and the Feywild, always thin in Evereska, have grown thinner still. Eladrin pass between planes with ease. Evereska remains a secretive place full of ancient lore and priceless treasures.

The Meadow Defensive Perimeter

Evereska’s vale is covered in a wide swath of meadowlands and farmlands dotted with copses and small forests of smokethorns, blueleafs, and other exotic trees. Past the flatlands, the Meadow Wall surrounds the city proper at a short distance, forming the last line of defense if an enemy manages to accomplish the Passing. It marks the limit of Evereska’s mythal, but to the untrained eye, it appears to be nothing more than a decorative hedgerow.

The Vine Vale, the area beyond the Meadow Wall, is home to terraced farms watered by a thousand springs. It is perpetually shrouded in mist that hides the city from sight.

Evereska City

Large City; Population 22,000

Evereska is built on a lofty mesa nestled in a valley surrounded by high hills. The Three Sisters are towering marble cliffs a thousand feet tall, upon whose plateau the city glistens. Its winding streets and towering structures have changed little in thousands of years. Buildings carved of granite and marble are merged with living plants. The air smells of moss, leaves, and flowers. Streets paved with marble extend up the vertical sides of great towers. The eladrin wander over every surface, occasionally flying or levitating from place to place.

The Hall of the High Hunt is an imposing structure of soaring marble minarets and vine-covered arches where the Hill Elders hold court. This council of the most learned eladrin includes fierce warriors, high mages, and nobles born of families that were old when humans still wielded bone clubs.

Evereska has a number of temples devoted to gods worshiped by the fey. A statue of Hanali Celanil rises hundreds of feet above the city center, and the aweinspiring Floating Gardens of Aerdrie Faenya provide a tranquil respite. Though confusion accompanied the revelations that Hanali Celanil was in fact the elven aspect of the goddess Sune and that Aerdrie Faenya was none other than the primordial Akadi, the worship of the goddess of beauty and the Lord of Sky Home are still major parts of life in Evereska.

Both Sune and Akadi must surely be pleased by Evereska, which combines jaw-dropping beauty with stomach-dropping heights. Nothing is close to the ground here, and towers compete with each other to scrape the clouds. The tallest structure in the city is the Tower Higher than Eastpeak, which is so named because it’s taller than the mountains east of the vale that sometimes block the rising sun. The Academy of Magic and the Academy of Arms are sponsored by the high mages and the Long Watch, respectively, and no finer wizards or fighters can be found in the world. Possessed of extraordinary power, the high mages of Evereska keep their lore a closely guarded secret.

Warriors of Evereska

Military Defenses

The military might of Evereska is considerable. In the last century or more, it has begun to shift its focus from protecting the city to venturing out—often in company with soldiers from Cormyr and Myth Drannor—against Netherese encroachment.

The Long Watch is tasked with extending the military reach of Evereska beyond its protected vale. Skilled archers and powerful battle mages greatly impress any who fight alongside them, and strike fear into those who oppose them.

One of the city’s primary missions for centuries has been the protection of its tombs from plunder. That task is in the hands of the Tomb Guard, capable adventurers who are dedicated stewards of the buried past.

The Swords of Evereska is a militia composed of nobles. The finest families in Evereska are represented, a fact that makes it clear that no one is above contributing to the defense of the realm.


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