Character Creation Template

  • Copy all of this text and replace it with your own stats
  • To add to the tables, follow the outline provided and put “Pipes” or ” | ” in between
  • Make sure you copy all of the table section, as it will screw up the formatting

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|_.*Ability*|_.*Ability Score*|_.*Ability Mod*|_.*½ Level*|_.*Ability*|_.*Ability Score*|_.*Ability Mod*|_.*½ Level*|


|*Passive Insight*|__|
|*Passive Perception*|__|



|*Name of Skill*|__||*History*|__|


|_.Name of Feat|_.Source Book|_.Page|_.Level Taken|
|ex)Improved Initiative|Player's Handbook|###|Lvl. 1|


|_.Name of Power|_.Source Book|_.Page|_.Type of Power|_.Level Taken|
|ex)Commander's Strike|Player's Handbook|###|At-Will|Lvl. 1|





Character Creation Template

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