Sunday Knights

Story So Far (Short Form)
Our ever story growing

Detailled Event to follow for events past.

  1. Players travel to Fallcrest and head to Kobold Hall.
  2. Players advance through Kobold Hall and defeat the dragon lurking at the bottom.
  3. After Defeating the Dragon, “Dopplegangers” appearing to be the players, wreak havoc on the town and Iris and Ilnaeas finish them off, just as Barnabus and Ophelia return.
  4. Players travel to the town of Harkenwold to catch the train to Waterdeep. Corin and Iris get a cat, while Ophelia and Barnabus sigh Bounty Hunt.
  5. While on the train to Waterdeep, havoc breaks lose and the team has to fight bandits off the train, however to the demise of the king, the train is separated, and the king is murdered by a unkown person.
  6. Trying to discover who murdered the King, they discover a kidnapper and foil his plans.
  7. After travelling to Raven’s Bluff to honour the death of the late king, the players proceed to N’Jast to try and find the heir to the throne.
  8. On Route, the players encounter an attack upon “The Monastary of the Yellow Rose” by a faction of Drow, helping the monks out (‘cause they were real monks, not the class of Monks” Ending badly for the party, with Barnabus and Zaknaefein defecting from the party.
  9. With a lowered moral, the party travel to N’jast, but are attacked by a clan of Vampires and take a chomp out of the newest member of the party, Tamaki.
  10. Now with a new purpose, head to N’Jast to try and save Tamaki. Rushing to the medical center, with no time to spare, a spell is cast to remove affliction, and Tamaki is assumed to be saved.
  11. Returning to the site of an explosion, They discover that Barnabus is attempting to steal an item to give him control over undead creatures, they rush to stop him. Barnabus flees before the party can defeat him, and the item is no where to be found.
  12. After returning to N’Jast, the party (along with their new found “Ally”) speak with towns folk and find out that the Prince has either gone to Netheril or Evereska and head back to Raven’s Bluff, in Vesperin. By impersonating a politician they discover the ignorance that the people have (along with fear of a looming battle,) the Spellplague and have set up a meeting with the leaders of Raven’s Bluff to see if they can go and get the Order of the Blue Flame to help protect the city.
  13. After succeeding at getting the approval to go and see if the Order of the Blue Flame would be willing to help Raven’s Bluff, they encounter this short fellow who was the person who created Damien, they decide to follow them to a portal which lead to Baldur’s Gate but instead lead to Sigil, the City of Doors.
  14. The party goes and buys various creatures to aid their speed along their journey and then attempt to find someone who can give them the key to return back to either Raven’s Bluff or Evereska. They find this ghost who will give them passage back, but they have to bring his beloved to him. They do so and the party keeps [[:The Locket]]. They enlist the help of the Order of the Blue Flame and on their way back to Raven’s Bluff with help, the undead that they stole the locket from, sends a bunch of undead and plaguechanged to attack the party, which the party overcomes.

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